My Resume ( .pdf FR)

Current position

2023 - Today
Associate Professor
Mines Paris,
PSL University
Research activities in the Computing and Fluids group (CFL).
  • Research projects leader in rheology and physics of fluids,
  • In charge of experimental Rheology and Physics of Fluids equipment,
  • Management of CFL experimental activities,
  • Conception and development of experimental devices for research projects,
  • Expert in rheology: users training, technology watch, consulting and services to businesses,
  • Student supervision,
  • Teaching (Mines Paris Civil Engineers, Mastères Spécialisés, doctoral studies, Master students).
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  • Polymer composites compounding
    • Fiber-reinforced composites
    • Microstructure and solidification
  • Dense suspensions and pastes in industrial processes
  • Experimental rheology

Scientific publishing

Grants and projects (as coordinator or work package manager)

Full list of projects I participated in is available in this file.

2024 - 2027
ANR PRCE project
“New enhancement of wood sawing related products by twin-screw extrusion”.
Projet coordinator and work package manager.
Partners: WoodTechno, IMP, GEPEA, SCC.
CNRS NEEDS project
« Etude des cinétiques d’impact de gouttes de gels de décontamination ».
Projet coordinator with A. S. Pereira.
Partner: CEA.

Academic background

Habilitation à diriger des recherches en Sciences from Université Côte d'Azur.
Ecole doctorale Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées.
Génie des Procédés et des Produits (process engineering),
Université de Lorraine – Nancy (ENSIC / LRGP-GEMICO).
In collaboration with CEA, centre de Marcoule.
Polytech’ Engineer
Diploma from École Polytechnique Universitaire de Montpellier,
option Materials Chemistry and Physics.


Civil Engineers cycle from Mines Paris
Since 2021
Trimestre ingénierie MécAéro (2A, drone design)
Lecture "Experimental measurements applied to aerodynamics – Introduction to PIV" (1,5 h)
Aerodynamic tests conception and monitoring (~30 h over 4 weeks)
Since 2020
Trimestre Recherche PDF : Fluid Dynamics (2A)
Lecture "Design of experiments" (3 h)
Experiments conception and monitoring (over 6 weeks)
2018, 2021
Contribution in the Métiers de l'Ingénieur Généraliste (MIG) : Aéro & Verres 4.0 modules (1A)
Wind tunnel or mixing experiments conception and monitoring (over 2 weeks)
From 2016 to 2019
S3834 - Numerical and experimental fluid dynamics module (2A)
Projects conception and monitoring (~15 h)
Mastère Spécialisé MaPMod and doctoral studies Mines Paris
Since 2014
Applied part ("Experimental Rheology") of the "Polymer processing and properties" lecture, and/or mini-projects (3 h)
Since 2021
Applied part of the "Polymers 3D Printing" lecture (3 h)
From 2014 to 2020
Rheology part of the introductory lecture "Basics in Materials, Mechanics and Computational Mechanics" (6 h)
European program ATHENS
From 2014 to 2019
Practical work rheology of MP13, "Polymer Processing" lecture (15 h)
M1 P3M (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis)
From 2016 to 2018
Practical work capillary rheology (9 h)
Master Pro. MQM (M2), IMREDD (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis)
From 2014 to 2017
Lecture "Composite Materials" (12 h)
From 2016 to 2018
Tutorial "Material selection" (6 h)


PhD thesis in progress, as (co-)Supervisor
L. Cailly-Brandstäter
« Instabilités et texturation de couches minces de fluides non-newtoniens étirées » ;
Conception, thesis co-supervision, testings monitoring, materials expert.
Defended PhD thesis, as Tutor
P.-F. Mougard-Camacho
« Rhéologie de pâtes céramiques pour leur mise en forme par extrusion » ;
Protocols and rheology testings monitoring, thesis co-supervision, materials expert.
PhD thesis in progress, as collaborator
K. Isukwem
« Impact de gouttes non-newtoniennes sur des liquides »
Experiments conception and monitoring.
Defended PhD thesis (as collaborator), post-docs, other students and trainees
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Scientific and collective responsibilities

Learned societies
(2016–) Board member of the Groupe Français de Rhéologie ; assistant treasurer & webmaster.
(2024–) Co-coordinator of GST10 Rheology, Association Française de Mécanique.
Ordinary member European Society of Rheology (ESR), The Society of Rheology (SOR) and Groupe Français d'Études et d'Applications des Polymères (GFP).
Events organization
Organization committee for the 58ème congrès annuel du Groupe Français de Rhéologie (Marseille).
Organization committee for the 57ème congrès annuel du Groupe Français de Rhéologie (Paris).
Organization committee for the 52ème congrès annuel du Groupe Français de Rhéologie (Nice).
Organization committee for the CEMEF 40 years anniversary.
(from 2017 to 2022) Engineers and technical staff representative at the lab council (CEMEF).
(2014-) In charge of experimental Rheology and Physics of Fluids equipment.
(2019-) In charge of CFL experimental activities.
In charge of four experimental platforms (●rheological characterization, ●industrial rheology, ●physics of fluids and rheo-optics, and ●physics of fluids teaching and conception).
Sauveteur Secouriste du Travail (SST).
Juries and Expertise
Peer-reviews for Polymer Engineering & Science, Composites Part B, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Polyolefins Journal, Cellulose and Mechanics of Materials.
Projects evaluation: ANR in 2017, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in 2021.
End-of-study projects juries, M1 and M2, at Université de Nice in 2018-2019 (P3M, EME-MQM).
Recurring jury member for the Groupe Français de Rhéologie PhD thesis award.
PhD thesis defence committees
As examiner: A. Sarieddine (2023/10), L.-V. Bouthier (2023/12).
As referee: D. L. Buitrago Rincón (2023/12).

Popular science and public actions

Creation and workshops animation for Fête de la Science, a national science fair (schools and general public) :
  • « Les molécules passent à table » in 2010 and 2011
    Molecular gastronomy (alginates beads gelation, lecithin emulsions).
  • « Jeux de Math » in 2012
    History about numbers, booleans systems and logic gates, Pi calculation (Monte-Carlo method).
  • « Éco-énergie » in 2012
    Ground-coupled heat exchanger, insulation, heat pumps, lightbulbs technologies and energy consumption.
  • « Accueillons les sciences en cuisine » in 2014
    How food can be structured; gels, emulsions and foams.
  • « Infrarouges : cette lumière qu'on ne voit pas » in 2015
    Presentation about infrared light and technologies that uses it.
  • « Histoires de mise en forme » in 2016
    Raising awareness on materials shaping processes.
  • « Rhéologie et Procédés de mise en forme » in 2018
    Workshop about lab activities in rheology and links with materials shaping processes.
Workshop « Jouons avec le Cuivre » for a popular science evening event (Soirée Marie Curie) in 2011.
Conferences for 2010 and 2011 Fête de la Science : « Pourquoi ça mousse ? » about colloids in the kitchen (emulsions, foams, solid foams) and molecular gastronomy in general.
Participation in a round table with students about the different job positions in research during Nice physics camp 2015.
Contribution to the booth « Physique des fluides granulaires pour l’industrie : modèles et simulations » during
MINES ParisTech Research Day 2018.
Jury member for the scientific images competition MécaPixel organized by CNRS/INSIS and AFM (année de la mécanique, 2022).
Organizing committee member of the scientific images competition « Plus Belle la Mécanique » organized by AFM
(année de la physique, 2024).

Previous positions

2014 - 2023
Research Engineer
CEMEF - Mines ParisTech
Activity centered around rheology in the Composites and Polymers division (PPC) until 2019,
then in the Computing and Fluids group (CFL).
  • Research and projects management associated to rheological measurements techniques, polymer compounding and processes study,
  • Operation of a rheometers platform (including capillary rheometry and rheo-optics),
  • Users training and students supervision,
  • Conception of experimental devices and setups,
  • Teaching (Mines Paris civil engineers, Mastères Spécialisés, doctoral studies, Master students),
  • Consulting and business services to private companies or other labs.
2013 – 2014
Post-doctoral researcher
CEMEF - Mines ParisTech
Contract with ARMINES.
Rheo-optical and in-situ study of lignocellulosic fibers degradation in a molten polymer matrix during composites compounding.
ANR project DEFIBREX (ref.: ANR-12-RMNP-004). Influence of mixing parameters on fibers bundles sizes distributions (length and width) for hemp, sisal, flax and miscanthus; breakage observation coupled with rheological measurements.
2010 – 2013
PhD student at CEA, centre de Marcoule (SPDE/LCFI)
CFR contract.
Rheological and structural characterization of colloidal gels for nuclear decontamination.
Showing with rheology and zeta potential measurements how sol-gel transitions and percolating networks are modified by ions concentrations and pH. Application to the process (spraying, how it stays on a wall) and improving gels efficiency using organic additives.
Feb. to Jul. 2010
Engineer trainee at CEA, centre de Marcoule (SPDE/LPAD)
Design of a topping gel process (patented) for small objects decontamination (hollow, complex geometries, etc.), in order to replace traditional methods and eliminate their disadvantages (liquid wastes generation, leakages). Development of new formulations containing a thermosensitive organic additive and characterization of their rheological properties and substrate attack efficiency.
May to Aug. 2009
Trainee at LOC Composites, Toowoomba, Australia
Small company making phenolic resin and glass fibers composites used for construction industry (housing and roads). Formulations optimization using a maximal amount of biobased parts (for example some "wastes" from paper factories) and measurement of their mechanical properties (DMA, traction and three points bending) inside USQ (University of Southern Queensland) laboratories. Scale-up testings for these formulations.
Jul. and Aug 2008
Trainee at Nanoledge, Boucherville, Canada
Small company specialized in integrating carbon nanotubes inside epoxy resins (applications in sports field, energy and transportation). Help to resume activity (finding new suppliers, equipment setup, quality control, logistics) after a relocation from France to the premises of a business incubator owned by CNRC (Conseil National de Recherches Canada).